From Shell On Wild and Farm Raised Shrimp, IQF Peeled and Deveined, Breaded and Specialty Processed items, Marpesca Direct can do it all for you.


Origin: Panama, Ecuador, and India
Availability: Year Round
Species Available: Wild or Farm-Raised
Product Form: Head-On Shell-On, Headless Shell-On, EZ Peel, P&D T/off, P&D T/on.
Sizes Available: U-7 thru 91/110 per lb counts
Formats: Frozen
Weights Available: 10/4lb, 10/5lb
Brands: Julie, Golden Catch, Golden Choice, Marpesca Asian Prime, Marpesca Mayan Prime

Shrimp with lemon slices on a plate
HOSO Shrimp
HLSO Shrimp
EZ Peel Shrimp
PND Tail On Shrimp
PND Tail Off Shrimp