Marpesca Direct is Your Direct Source to Central and South American Premium Seafood. If you are looking for a partner that is the source to bring quality seafood to your customers, Marpesca Direct is the obvious choice.

Our owned and operated vessels fish the pristine waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for Shrimp, Tuna, Mahi – Mahi, Snapper, Flounder and Corvina, which are processed in our State of the Art Processing Plants located in Panama.

From Shell On Wild and Farm Raised Shrimp, IQF Peeled and Deveined, Breaded and Specialty Processed items, Marpesca Direct can do it all for you.

Ask how we can be your custom packer of
Premium Fish and Shrimp.

Fishing Grounds from Central and South America

To the Pristine Waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans